Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Overview of HCM

What is it?
  • Human Capital management 
  • It refers to the management of employees, hiring right employees, training them, upgrading their skills, utilizing their knowledge to the fullest, eventually benefiting the organization.
What it will do?

The HCM creates both an opportunity and a challenge.
  • An opportunity to recognize people as an asset that contributes directly to organizational performance.
  • A challenge to develop the skills necessary to identify, analyze and communicate that contribution and ensure it is recognized in business decision making.
What are the uses of it?
  • Helps in extracting the best out of employees.
  • Enables the human resource professionals to hire the right candidate for the right role.
  • Enables free flow of information between superiors and subordinates.
  • Trainings and skill development activities are essential for upgrading the existing knowledge of employees.
  • Highlights the importance of soft skills and personality development for employees.
  • Helps the employees to improve in areas where they feel they are lacking.

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