Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Overview of Extended Analytics

Extended Analytics:
  • Extended Analytics enables you to export data and metadata from Financial Management applications to a flat file. 
  • The data is extracted as a DAT file to the HFM Server Working folder on the application server.
  • After exporting the data, you use Oracle Essbase Integration Services to transfer data from the flat file to Essbase Analytics databases or other relational reporting products for further analysis and to run reports.
Navigating Extended Analytics Page:
  • Select Navigate > Applications > Consolidation >Appname.
  • In the Browser View pane, select Tasks > Consolidation Administration > Extended Analytics.

EA Options:

Do one of these Tasks:
  • From Template, select the saved POV template to use.
  • Select the POV dimension members to export.
Destination Database:
  • From Destination Database (DSN), select the database to which you are exporting the star schema.
Relational Table Prefix:
  • For Relational Table Prefix, enter the prefix that will identify the tables for the star schema.
Extract Format:
From Extract Option, select the type of extract format to perform on the data.
  • Standard
  • Metadata only – extracts metadata only
  • Selected Metadata only – extracts only the metadata for the selected dimension members.
  • Essbase
  • Data Warehouse
  • Flat File – It is available from version 11.
Exclude Dynamic Accounts:
  • If uncheck it will exclude all the dynamic accounts for exporting.
  • If check it will include all the dynamic accounts for exporting.
EA Issue:

The performance of Extended Analytics extract from Hyperion Financial Management is much slower when the user chooses to extract dynamic accounts.

  • It is not recommended to make large extracts that include dynamic accounts.
  • Transfer the values of these accounts to new calculated accounts.
  • Exporting Dynamic Accounts forces a metadata based extract scheme that is considerably slower than using a data based export scheme.
  • Dynamic Account extract algorithm looks for data in every intersection and generates the dynamic account values, rather than extracting just from intersections where data is known to already exist. 

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