Sunday, 22 December 2013

Error 1002097 Unable to Load Database

Error 1002097 Unable to Load Database

Error 1002097 Unable to load database (dbname) when:

    Trying to start an Application   or
    Trying to Launch a Business Rule from Essbase

A lock was kept on the database or file (either by third party process (e.g. virus scan) or Essbase (orphaned ESSSVR process)

  1. Ensure in Essbase Administration Services that no locks exist (right-click on Essbase Servername,  EDIT->LOCK and EDIT->LOCKED OBJECTS, and if your database/outline appears in there, unlock it.)
  2. Ensure no third party process keeps a lock on Essbase files. Pay special attention to antivirus- and backup software that may be scanning / running on your Essbase folders as that can lock the files.
  3. Check if any ESSSVR process stays when the Essbase Agent is stopped.

If the Essbase Agent is stopped using the Services Panel on Windows while a process is currently running, or if there has been an abnormal termination of the Essbase Agent, orphaned ESSSVR processes can be left. The steps to recover are then:

On Windows:
1. Shutdown the Essbase server using ESSCMD or MaxL.
2. Check Task Manager, confirm the ESSBASE.exe process is gone. 
3. Check for any orphaned ESSSVR.exe processes still running.
4. Do an "End Process" on any ESSSVR.exe process that is still running.
5. Start the Essbase service and start the application.


  1. I found a new scenario that if someone has set the Data cache high the application will not start. When the data setting is changed to lower value it will start. this can be identified in the Application LOG.