Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Latest Patch Update for Hyperion

Latest Patch Set, Patch Set Update or Maintenance Release
Patch Release Date


Hyperion EAS Patch Set Update Patch 16171578 (EAS Console) and Patch 16171581 (EAS Server)

May 2013


Required Microsoft Patch

Microsoft has identified a security issue that could compromise Windows-based systems.  Before installing this patch, verify that the Visual C++  2005 Redistributable Package installed on the computer is current.  You may search and download the latest Visual C++  2005 Redistributable Package from:

Use the user account that has Local administrator rights and was set up for installation and configuration. This user is an administrator and is the same for all EPM System products. Assign local policies if required by the product. Such assignments typically are: “Act as part of the operating system, Bypass traverse checking, Log on as a batch job, Log on as a service.”

Essbase Server

Patch 16171586 Hyperion Essbase Server Patch Set Update

May 2013

Essbase Client

Patch 16171585 Hyperion Essbase RTC Patch Set Update
Patch 16171583 Hyperion Essbase Client Patch Set Update
Patch 16171591 Hyperion Essbase Client MSI Patch Set Update

May 2013

Shared Services

Patch 16423743 Patch Set Update for Oracle Hyperion Shared Services

May 2013

Financial Management

Patch 17250880 Financial Management Patch Set Update

August 2013


Patch 14558930 Patch Set Update: for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis for Workspace

July 2013


Patch 16580429 Patch Set Update: Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition

May 2013


Patch 14031912 Patch Set Update (PSU): for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect

August 2012

Calculation Manager

Patch 16384766 Hyperion Calculation Manager Patch Set Update

April 2013


Patch 16992252 Release Patch Set Update (PSU):

July 2013

Oracle Support:  Document 1481942.1, Document 1321453.1, Document 1360962.1, Document 1395593.1, Document 1396084.1, Document 1400076.1, Document 1400561.1.

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