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Oracle Hyperion Essbase and 64 Bit Master Note Documents

The purpose of this document is to serve as a quick reference for Essbase and 64 bit.

ODBC and 64 Bit Drivers:

  • Document 1268756.1 Troubleshooting Problems with Essbase SQL Interface and SQL / ODBC Data Sources
  • Document 834837.1 Error "The setup routines for the ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system error code 193" Unable To Create Datasource
  • Document 1269027.1 Error "(1012695) DataExport can not do batch insert to relational table. The ODBC driver and/or RDBMS doesn't support batch insert." When Exporting Data Using DATAEXPORTENABLEBATCHINSERT.
  • Document 764192.1 Does EIS 9.3.1 Support 64 bit ODBC drivers and 64 bit DB2 Instances For Control Databases?
  • Document 783782.1 Implications of Registering ODBC Merant Drivers on 64-Bit Windows

API and 64 Bit:

  • Document 947299.1 Can a 64-bit API Client Connection be Made to a Windows Essbase 32-bit Server
  • Document 788491.1 C API EssListUsers Returning Different Results in 9.3.1 64 bit Version
  • Document 1322496.1 Running a 32-bit VB API on a 64-bit Essbase Server Fails With "ERROR: Essbase Initialization Failed, StatusCode = 1030803"
  • Document 1062167.1 SIGSEGV Error or C++ Crash in Essbase C API on Linux Redhat 5.2 64 bit
  • Document 1391664.1 Essbase C API Program Environment Variables for 64-BIT Windows Machine with 64 Bit Runtime Client 

Installation Issues:

  • Document 1116801.1 Installation of Essbase 11.1.2 Spreadsheet Add-in on 64-bit Server Failing With Error
  • Document 1311028.1 Oracle EPM 32-bit Install on 64-bit Windows Server Error "Windows cannot find "%dirname%\jre\winamd64\1.6.0\bin\java""
  • Document 1339305.1 Essbase Excel Add-In Client Installation on MS Windows 7 (64 Bit) Fails 
  • Document 851012.1 "The image file E:\TEMP\Setup.exe is valid. But is for a machine type other than the current machine". When Installing Essbase Administration Services (EAS) 64-bit.

Outline Issues:

  • Document 1223357.1 Migrating an Aggregate Storage (ASO) Outline Crashes the Essbase Administration Services Server (EAS) When Using 64 bit Installation
  • Document 800076.1 Error Updating ASO Outline "Hierarchy [DimensionName] is too complex: maximal width member number exceeds 64 bits. See application log for details."

Connection Issues:
  • Document 888704.1 Unable to Connect to EAS After EAS is Installed on Windows 64 bit Server
  • Document 958183.1 SmartView Connection Screen Box is Blank in Excel 2007 on Windows 64 bit

SmartView Issues:

  • Document 1293184.1 Smart View Connection Screen Box Is Blank In Excel 2007 On Windows 64-Bit After Applying Patch
  • Document 958183.1 SmartView Connection Screen Box is Blank in Excel 2007 on Windows 64 bit

Perl and 64 bit:

  • Document 964517.1  Is there a 64-bit Essbase Perl Module for Windows 64-bit Servers?
  • Document 1385486.1 PERL Module is Truncated When Using Essbase v11. on Solaris 64-Bit Server

32 bit or 64 bit:

  • Document 985384.1 How To Determine if Essbase is the 32 or 64-Bit Version on a 64-Bit Windows Platform

Miscellaneous Errors:

  • Document 1062167.1  SIGSEGV Error in ESSBASE C API on Linux Redhat 5.2 64 bit
  • Document 1086979.1 "Error -1: Contact your AIS administrator because the Java runtime environment may not be set appropriately on the server machine..." EIS XML Import /Export Fails on Unix 
  • Document 966036.1  Error: "Cannot load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform" when Running Configtool 
  • Document 1301800.1 Unable to Connect to 64-bit Teradata From 64-bit Essbase v11.1.2 SQL Interface
  • Document 848673.1 "Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform" When Starting Essbase Administration Services (EAS)
  • Document 1344089.1 Running MaxL or Esscmd Fails With Error: "Failed To Initialize" on 64-bit Operating System
  • Document 1342578.1 Essbase Does Not Start on AIX 64-Bit Error: Could not load module
  • Document 1382589.1 Error "essmsh.exe has stopped working" with MAXL Deploy Script Generated from Essbase Studio on Windows 64-bit
  • Document 1512580.1 Cannot Login Essbase Administration Services (EAS) Installed on IBM AIX (7.1 TL1) (64-bit) with Websphere
  • Document 1502036.1 Essbase Runtime Client Patch 13009684 on 64-bit Systems Does Not Include the 32-bit RTC Files
  • Document 1496305.1 Unable To Apply Patches For Essbase Server, Client, EAS on Solaris SPARC 64-bit Receive "CheckPatchApplicableOnCurrentPlatform" Failed


Oracle Hyperion Essbase and 64 Bit Master Note (Doc ID 1090635.1)

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