Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Load Exchange Rates into a Planning Exchange Rate Table using the OutlineLoad Utility


Note: For EPMA applications, go to last note before proceeding

The planning application has the following rates in an exchange rate table called ratetbl1

Create a directory called outlineLogs in the following directory

Create the following csv file with the following data. This exercise will update the USD rates in the planning application to 1.9

Save the file to the following directory:

Startup a command prompt and run the following script:
OutlineLoad /A:ApplicationName /U:admin /M /I:E:/Hyperion/products/Planning/bin/outline1_rates.csv /DX:HSP_Rates /L:E:/Hyperion/outlineLogs/outlineLoad.log /X:E:/Hyperion/OutlineLogs/outlineLoad.exc

/A application name
/U Application administrator
/M Generate fully qualified header records for loadable dimensions in the application. Use /-M if you do not want to display this information (default).
/I Name of the load file that contains a header record and data records in .CSV format. You must also specify a data load dimension (/D).
/DX:HSP_Rates Loads the HSP_Rates dimension, and creates an Exchange Rates Table if it does not exist.
/L Specify the file that will contain status and informational messages. (If no file name is specified, the information is written to a file called stdout.)
/X:ExceptionFilename Specify the file that will contain exceptions that occur during the load. (If no file name is specified, the information is written to a file called stderr.) 

Enter the admin password

Load the exchange rate in planning and see that the rates From GBP to USD have been updated to 1.9

For EPMA Applications

  1. Login to the EPMA application as the administrator.
  2. Go to Administration -> Manage Properties -> System Properties.
  3. Set the varqiable EDIT_DIM_ENABLED to true.
  4. Save, Log off and restart the planning service.
  5. Load the exchange rates.
  6. Reset the EDIT_DIM_ENABLED property to false.
  7. Restart the planning service.

How to Use the Planning OutlineLoad Utility to Update Exchange Rates in a Planning Application (Doc ID 1060804.1)

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