Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hyperion EPM Master Note Index


Document 1291202.1 Oracle Hyperion Essbase and Aggregate Storage (ASO)
How to archives
Doc ID 584534.1 How To Create an Aggregate Storage (ASO) Database
Doc ID 584913.1 How To Find The Size Of An Aggregate Storage (ASO) Database in Essbase?
Doc ID 584585.1 How To Set The Aggregate Storage (ASO) Pending Cache Size Limit?
Doc ID 980315.1 How To Automate The Aggregation Process On An Aggregate Storage (ASO) Database?
Doc ID 980377.1 How To Assign Expense Reporting Tag in an Aggregate Storage (ASO) Database?
Unable to Compact ASO Outline
Doc ID 1291128.1 Unable to Compact an Aggregate Storage (ASO) Outline
Cannot Load Outline into Memory
Doc ID 947934.1 Error "1250053 Cannot load outline into memory" When Editing an ASO Outline After Upgrading to Essbase
Sort Operation Ran Out of Memory
Doc ID 596566.1 Error: "Sort operation ran out of memory. Please increase the size of aggregate storage cache."
Error Updating ASO Outline
Doc ID 800076.1 Error Updating ASO Outline "Hierarchy [DimensionName] is too complex: maximal width member number exceeds 64 bits. See application log for details."
Data Load Takes Longer
Doc ID 816703.1 ASO Data Load Takes Longer in Essbase 9.3.1 Compared To Essbase 9.2
Failed to Open File
Doc ID 888642.1 When Creating Aggregate Storage (ASO) Database Error "1270076 Failed to open file [%s]: a system file error occurred. Please see application log for details"
Migrating ASO Outline Crashes EAS
Doc ID 1223357.1 Migrating an Aggregate Storage (ASO) Outline Crashes the Essbase Administration Services Server (EAS) When Using 64 bit Installation
Outline Restructure Takes Longer
Doc ID 755871.1 Restructure of an Aggregate Storage (ASO) Database Takes a Long Time When Outline Change Logging is Enabled

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